Interfacing using MSMQ

I have a project that will require interfacing to some of our existing systems using MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue). It appears that Ignition doesn’t have MSMQ capability built-in; are there third-party modules that enable MSMQ? Or is this something we could build ourselves in Ignition?

It’s something you might be able to build as a module for Ignition, but probably not in Ignition.

Maybe using MQTT would be a good alternative to MSMQ. Its an open standard and can queue messages via a broker and sessions. Libraries exist in almost every programming language out there also.

I don’t have a choice on using MSMQ.

I have a proof-of-concept that works. I wrote a dotnet windows service that takes messages out of an MSMQ queue, and serves them over TCP. Ignition TCP driver connects and receives the messages.

I also looked at doing this in Java with JNI or JNA. Decided that the dotnet approach would be straightforward, and I was worried that bugs in JNI/JNA code could bring down the JVM that Ignition runs in.

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