Intermittent bad tag quality vision 8

I’m getting intermittent “bad” tag quality on tags that are being remotely polled thru my OPC UA devices.
I have created a new tag group with a poll rate of 10,000 and set some of the tags on the remote polled device to have the new tag group poll rate but all tags on the OPC UA device are still going into “bad” quality and at the same time.

The remote site PLC is polled by others for their SCADA too.

Note: 2 SCADA systems are polling the same PLC now and a 3rd will be before long.

Any suggestion?

Are the PLC’s Modbus (TCP)? IIRC, some Modbus TCP implementations have a 10-second inactivity timeout. You might need to poll slightly faster, or have one keep-alive item polled faster.

AB MicroLogix 1100 Ethernet, not Modbus.

Ew! Those are wimpy. According to Appendix F of the user manual for the 1100 (1763-um001_), you can expect it to handle no more than 50 messages per second, and maybe as few as 11 per second. The examples in that Appendix indicate that larger reads (up to ~100 words) are as fast as shorter reads, so packing many data points into adjacent registers is probably important.

The problem would be made worse by WAN communications delays. I would encourage you to place a bare Ignition server in that location with just the AB driver suite module, and make all other data consumers connect via OPC-UA.