Intermittent Blank Alarm Custom Messages and Subjects

I am using the alarm pipelines to mail alarms to different categories of users.

I have custom subjects and custom messages that use various parameters to compose them.

I am having this problem:

  • An e-mail is sent when an alarm occurs. Intermittently, it will contain a subject and a message, but other times: 1. the subject is ok but message is blank OR 2. the message is blank and the subject is blank.

Subject (contains references to a tag, relativized for use on multiple Edge sites)

Custom Message (contains reference to the alarm label, and also gets the fullItemPath pipeline reference):

Custom Label:
Uses a Parameter in another tag of the UDT, uses the {itemPath} to construct the message, uses tag parameters, uses alarm references {setpointA} and {timeOnDelaySeconds}.

In “Alarm Details” of the Perspective Alarm browser, it can be observed that the Custom Email Message is blank, though the label resolves.

I made a script for the Alarm Pipeline that logs the source / path every time an alarm comes in. In this way, I’ve been able to see where the blank alarms are coming from. I have seen repeatedly that from the same tag sometimes the custom message works and sometimes it does not.

One action taken was casting all parameter references to strings as there is apparently a bug that causes parameters to sometimes return a datatype other than string. This did not solve the issue.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does anyone have any ideas or insight? Thank you kindly.

update on issue… I have been able to eliminate blank subjects. It turns out “Consolidation Enabled” was checked in one pipeline instances. This combined multiple alarms into one single blank email.

That said, I still have plenty of instances where a message body sometimes is blank and sometimes is fine.

I have been wondering if there could be an order of operations problem where in certain cases, the CustomEmailMessage doesn’t evaluate before the message is sent.

Any ideas?

Hi all. Issue is resolved. There is an order of operations problem that sometimes makes the CustomEmailMessage not resolve if it is referencing {label}. I’ve copied the contents of {label} out to CustomEmailMessage and it now works, though it is a workaround. Thanks to Gerry and dev @ tech support.