Intern Project Ideas for SCADA/HMI

I have an intern at our company and they have expressed interest in doing some SCADA type work for their summer project. They have an EE and CS background, and my team is building a SCADA and HMI in Ignition Perspective .
Immediately I started going through a backlog of enhancements I have but I am wondering if there were any good short term projects ideas out there in the community. The project must be able to be completed in less than 2 months. Below are the 2 main projects my team is working on and the sub-bullet points are some ideas that may be good for the intern.

  1. Create a digital platform for a fleet of machines to collect and present data.
    Background: this platform is developed and consuming data from a handful of machines (soon to be 100+ machines). data includes process data, audit logs, failures, environmental, regulatory, etc...
    • Use ML ( start with the ML project on the exchange?) to predict some simple things (ex: linear regression to predict the date when parameter will hit value X) and expand to more complicated parameters/predictions
    • Expanding on above, create a condition based maintenance schedule vs date based.
    • Enterprise view (for management) of fleet that includes some of the above insights
  2. Create the next gen HMI controls for this same machine type
    Background: This will be the new HMI for this machine going forward. We hope to integrate many digital platform features and data collection tactics into HMI as much and as smoothly as possible.
    • Automate access control for HMI and the platform mentioned above using regulatory parameters (last log in date within 60 days, trained on this machine for X hours, etc...)
    • Digitize and capture any operator thoughts/work that is currently recorded on paper.

I appreciate any ideas!

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