Internal Tag not Updating

Hello All,

im a little lost actually and im not sure if i do something wrong or have some missunderstanding. (Maybe it could be a bug)

Ignition Version : 8.1.2 (b2021020311)

Following situation. I have a Tag that i will monitor on Gatewayside and react to diffrent values
after the script is executed it will write the same tag to a diffrent value. But if i “trigger” this tag
via Vision Client or Designer the value i write into the Tag after the script is executed the
value wont update.
After a while i tried something out and find out that if i insert a sleep of 1 second after script is executed and before the tag is written it works.
Also if i connect via a external OPCUA-Client on exposed Tag Providers and try the same it works.


Gateway Tag Change Event Script :

Also this is strange that the value on “Edit” is diffrent (the expected value) than
it is shown in Vision Client / Designer Tagbrowser

Thank you for youre help!


Can you see if this still happens with 8.1.3? This could be something that got fixed.

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Hi Kevin,

its fixed with 8.13 thanks