Internal Tags Question

A few random questions:

[li] Is it possible to update “Internal Provider” DB Tag values outside of Ignition?
[ul][]I assume not. You probably expect us to use “Database Driving Provider” or a custom OPC-UA server to update values. But we still want to ask just to be sure.[/li][/ul][/:m]
[li] When clustered are Internal Provider DB Tags shared between servers?
[ul][]We assume so.[/li][/ul][/:m]
[li] Are the Internal tags stored only in memory?[/li]
[li] Is there a scriptable configuration interface for adding/removing internal tags? and not just import csv?[/li][/ol]

Basically we have a lot of custom data to push into the server and worry about scalability of sql and potentially ignition when we have hundreds of devices publishing tags. And are looking into other possibilities we encounter scaling problems. Currently we are testing this via the database provider.

  1. No, you’re right
  2. Yes
  3. No, their values are persisted to disk
  4. No, but I like this idea.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss fine-tuning your design.