Internal User Source Retention

I have to deploy an project update with project and global changes in the next couple of weeks.

Since the backup was taken at site, new users have been added and existing users have changed their details etc. I would like to retain this info and not overwrite it.

any ideas? Wishing I’d set a DB user source now:)

If a Database User source is used and the system is redundant, and it uses local DB’s will the tables be duplicated on the standby system?

As long as the gateway settings dont need to be updated with your gateway backup you should be able to create a project export from the designer. This will allow you to export only the project resources you wish to import into the production environment.

Thanks Greg

That was my thinking as well, as well as a tag export/import and global scripts.

Any advice on the redundant scenario or is it best to do a replication.

In a redundant scenario you only need to merge the changes onto the master node. Once this is done the backup will automatically receive the changes.