Introducing Flintium! An open source library of Ignition faceplates

I’ve been working on this library for a while now, and just made the repository public. Originally based on the FactoryPacks project from the Ignition Exchange. Once Flintium is stable, a version will be posted to the Exchange, but for now, feel free to try out the working version on Github.

The project needs input from this community! For information on contributing, please see the Contributing Wiki page. Anyone is welcome to post comments, feature requests, and report bugs on the issues page.

Flintium is a faceplate library, as well as an experiment in open-source Ignition collaboration using Git/Github. I’d like it to be a resource for Ignition users who want to start using Git for their projects. Feel free to ask Git & Ignition related questions, and use the tools included in Flintium’s repository to help with your project’s version control. Suggestions to help improve Flintium’s workflow are appreciated as well.



Very cool project and idea, thanks for sharing. We love seeing this sort of collaborative effort in the Ignition community!

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