Introducing ignition maker to other Dev groups

I want to introduce ignition maker to the dev group I work with. Since these people aren’t familiar with ignition software.I need a good generic description of what type of software ignition maker is so I can get there attention.
Im thinking like “HMI and Scada software”
Any suggestions?

SCADA == “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”. Pretty much says it all.

Web-Based HMI and SCADA Applications Deployment

Using web technologies, you can access PLCs and connect to SQL databases on any platform. Ignition provides the common HMI/SCADA capabilities, but in an easier and more efficient way. Create runtime clients and sessions that show current or past data, interact with your other systems and devices, create displays and controls for anything wired into your system. See and manage your entire system from one place.

Credits go to Ignition 8 manual.

If talking to someone outside of the industry, I typically just tell people that Ignition is a toolkit for building apps that specialize in talking to machines and equipment. Much more than that and you start getting into industry lingo that people won’t generally understand or internalize.