Introducing pidbot! PID Tuning Module

JLB Controls is pleased to introduce pidbot! The pidbot module includes components for tuning and simulating PID controllers. It has become an essential tool at JLB Controls, helping us rapidly and accurately tune PID controllers for the vast majority of process industry applications. Now we would like to share it with the world!

pidbot is currently in beta, and publicly available at the address below. Please register with JLB Controls to download (it is very painless, just an email and password).

I would love to hear your feedback on this forum,, or email:

Thank you and enjoy!!


pidbot is production-ready, and available to download now!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta. Lots of loops were successfully tuned, including many different PID flavors on Rockwell, AutomationDirect, and Siemens PLCs. Though the beta period has ended, please keep the feedback coming! We want to hear about your experience, and stay focused on the features that matter most to you.

Happy Tuning :grinning:

See the full release announcement:
More info, demo video, and download:
User manual:


This was a pleasant find! Wish I had more loops on my current project to test this out will keep this in mind for future projects!

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@Paullys50 Thanks! It has saved me a ton of time tuning, with better results (and less stress). Let me know when you get a chance to try it!

pidbot version 1.1 is now available for download. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. The most notable update is support for scripting functions to allow users to access more internal data. Great for creating PID tuning reports! Try it out, and let me know what you think!


Hi Joseph
Is there any plan to publish python API to develop our own GUI ?

@nader.chinichian We’re still considering the best way to support Perspective. I’m not sure if it will be an API or a Perspective component. Ultimately, the decision will be based on customer requests/feedback.

An API would be more flexible, and easier for us to develop. Implementing a tuning dashboard with the API in Perspective wouldn’t be trivial though. Most users like dropping in a standard component that can be configured with properties and scripting.

Also, a Perspective component would be able to run client side, like the Vision component is doing now. Everything is nice and smooth - charts update very quickly when the user is tuning, using sliders, buttons, etc.

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I hope both will be release soon.

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