Invalid data Honeywell SX Recorder using Modbus connection to furnace

Hello- I am new to using Ignition. We are using 8.0.6 (perspective version) and I am connected to one of our furnace PLCs via a Honeywell SX chart recorder using a Modbus connection. The information that is being shown in Ignition for the furnace temperature is fluctuating in the billions (see attached) and even playing with the different variations with scaling hasn’t helped. We have another Honeywell recorder in another area of our facility that we are reading temperatures from and it seems to be reading accurately without any scaling. Any suggestions on what I need to look at or change?

Thank you,

That usually means you need to change word swapping in the driver settings. Sometimes it could be one-based vs. zero-based addressing.

Sorry I am new to all of this- what does that mean and is this something that is done in Ignition configuration or at the recorder level?

In Ignition, at the OPC Device level. Modbus, at its core, is 16-bit. It doesn’t specify the order for larger datatypes, and everybody and their brother has done it differently. So there’s a setting in the OPC device driver for Modbus in Ignition so that some can be little-endian and others can be big-endian.

Pturmel- Thank you for your assistance with this. Reversing the word order in the device settings did the trick.