Invalid folder structure for UDT Member

Trying to make a UDT involving composition. I have a Parent UDT called “QATest” that contains several Child UDT’s which are a slightly expanded “Real” tags.

I am getting the following error in the Gateway console when creating the Parent tags, and am unsure what it is actually complaining about.

Invalid folder structure for UDT member. Tag cannot be added to hierarchy. Parent details may not be loaded yet, will try again if the udt parent is updated. Info: [name=ProdVolCount, uid:111f208e-583c-47a1-854e-1f820c642da3, parent-uid:150a8523-4081-47ab-b565-544708769d4b]

Strangely i get console errors for only 2 out of the 4 Child tags (ProdVolCount and ProdHrsTarget)

I am passing through Parent UDT parameters to the Child UDT Parameters using {param}, and can verify it works because the OPC Path is built correctly and reading values correctly.

Here is a screenshot of the UDT i’m building.

It would be usefull to see a screenshot of ProdVolCurrent and/or ProdHrsTarget as well, as these are the ones with errors :slight_smile:

They are essentially the same, they are all the same UDT type: Basic/Real. And hence have the same UDT Parameters.
The only difference is the Tag Name parameter is different for each Child tag.

Did you ever figure out the problem here? I am getting the same error. Thanks

No i didn’t, i ended up just using a standard OPC tag instead of my UDT Basic/Real one.