Invalid Key Perspective Binding

Hello all,

I am using a flex repeater in my perspective project and I bound the instance to a named query. What should be the return format of the instance? Is it json? If yes, I get an invalid key error on json.


I am assuming the error is because of these two properties:


Because when I bound the value of the instance to that named query I do not get these two parameters.

In this case what should be the JSON transform format?
How to capture the value?

		return [
		{ "instanceStyle": {
	  		"classes": ""
	 	 "instancePosition": {}

The instances prop doesn’t need those two instanceX props to be valid. They just provide extra config, but will use the defaults if not provided.

What is your named query returning? You might need to post-process it with a script transform to get it into the format you need