Invisible Buttons

If we turn visibility off for a button, is that button still active? Meaning can the button still be used, like an invisible button?

No. You want transparency, not visibility.

Edit, welcome to the forum by the way. Also, tell us what you are trying to do, there might be a better way.

Just to clarify - If I turn the visibility OFF, the button is inactivated. Is this correct?

And thanks for the very quick reply jlandwerlen!!!


Enable is probably a better property to use in my opinion if you don’t want it “activated”.

We have a HMI program that we are adapting to another similar piece of equipment. I just wanted to make sure that if we change the visibility for a button to OFF, that it would not still be active.

You will not be able to click a button if it’s not visible. But, I don’t think visibility prevents scripts, example, .doClick.

You can easily test by unchecking visibility and running preview mode, then try and click the button.

I typically use the enable property to prevent operation. I think it’s more intuitive than visibility. Users can see what is there, but that it is not enabled. They can’t see what’s not visible. :slight_smile: They would have to know it’s there, just hidden. I guess if you are converting an application it wouldn’t matter much, they should already know.