Invoke Later

I’m using the following code to select a particular field from a table and store the value in my root container,

if(len({Root Container.Table}), if({Root Container.Table 1.selectedRow} != -1, toInt({Root Container.Table}[{Root Container.Table 1.selectedRow},0]),-1),-1)

How would I use Invoke Later ‘fpmi.system.invokeLater(???,[1000])’ to cause a 1 second delay in the field selection?

The code you posted is an expression. fpmi.system.invokeLater is a function that is only available from a python script. There is no way to delay the calculation of an expression. The scripting way to do this would be to remove the expression binding and to put a script like this in the propertyChange event of the table:

if event.propertyName=='data' or event.propertyName=='selectedRow': data = fpmi.db.toPyDataSet( row = event.source.selectedRow if len(data)>0 && row != -1: value = data[row][0] def doLater(event=event, value=value): # push the value into whatever the binding was bound to here, like this component = event.source.parent.getComponent("MyComponent") component.someProperty=value fpmi.system.invokeLater(doLater, 1000)