Invoke Notification Pipeline from Script

Our system is currently configured as " Ignition Edge Architecture: Hub-and-Spoke" model, having edge enterprise running at site and Central Ignition server hosted on cloud, The edge enterprise is also configured as a local fallback client.

The central ignition server is configured with Remote Tag provider to read/write tag to the site edge panel.

Now, our need is to configure alarm mechanism to send alarms (voice, email and text) from central ignition server, however the edge just provide one way email notification. So I was wondering if could build a custom script and pass the alarmEvent to it and is there a way to invoke a Notification Pipeline from script?


No, there is not, although what you could do as a workaround is build reference tags on the main gateway (using a local tag provider) that reference the Edge system’s tags - then add your alarms there.

It’s not ideal, but Edge is deliberately limited from using other alarm mechanisms.