invokeLater function problem in script Library

Can we use invokeLater function in project.scripts Library?

Because when i was trying to write values to certain tags, But it was not writing.


You might need to use a full context write, try including the tag provider in the tag path

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include the code to be able to meaningfully understand the problem

invokeLater is a UI related function and only exists in the client. You can use it in script libraries but the function will only work if the invocation originates from the client/designer scope.

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FWIW, I implemented an emulation of invokeLater for gateway scope in my helper script, mentioned here:

and here:

Note that it uses officially unsupported methods to obtain the appropriate context.

The official method of obtaining delays in gateway scope (per IA support) is to use a sleep in an asynchronous thread. That’s just ugly. Almost unforgivable. /:

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If you are trying to use it for gateway, then use invokeAsynchronous

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Thanks every One for your suggestions :blush:, They were really helpful for resolving my problem that i was facing.