IOError: File not found

Hi everyone,

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Is anyone here can help me with this kind of error?

[color=#0000FF]Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 45, in

File “”, line 25, in getRecipes

IOError: (2, 'File not found - … CFalse%29’)

Ignition v7.6.6 (b2014040112)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_60[/color]

I’m trying to access another ignition application with another ignition application I have create. Both applications reside on the same server.

Hope anyone can give answer to this problem we have.


Investigate the error message you are getting.

It says, “File not found” on line 25 in the getRecipes function.

Look at line 25 in the app.api Python module in the RMS project.

See what file the getRecipes function is trying to access on line 25 of the app.api Python module. Then check if the file exists. If it doesn’t exist then that is the problem.

If the file path to the file is a variable then is the variable being set to the correct file path? You can add logging or print statements to the app.api.getRecipes function to see what the file path is being set to. Check out this blog post to learn more about debugging and testing gateway scripts: … nt-scripts


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply. Just to give you part of the script where the error happened.

[color=#0000FF]call = urllib.quote("app.api.getRecipes('%s',%s,%s)"% (machineName,indexes,createNewValues))
rmssrv ="[Client]Server Information/RMS IP Address").value 
url = "http://" + rmssrv + ":8088/main/system/rsi?p=RMS&q=%s"% call
result =
result = system.util.jsonDecode(result)        

This is the actual value of the url = [color=#0000FF]‘EBCMP05’%2C{‘Machine’%3A%20’EBCMP05’}%2CFalse)’[/color]

And by the way, the script works if we use the server address where we’ve got RMS project. But when we’ve changed the server address to ours, it shows that kind of error. Is there anything we need to add or create in our gateway like modules, connection, etc.

Thank you again!

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your support, I’ve also worked with other guys where the project came from. They recommended to install the Rest Script Interface module in our server. After that, the execution of script works well. Again thank you for your response.

By the way, why the RSI module is not in the online store? is it only by request?

I am glad you got it resolved.

The REST Script Interface Module is a private module developed for a specific company - I assume you got it from guys from within your company. It is not available publicly.