IOException: unable to delete file

Hi guys, sometimes I get this error on client launch saying :

Error Launching application:
IOException: unable to delete file:

Either I can click Retry or exit, clicking retry fixes the issue, everything loads up just fine but you have to manually click that. I was wondering if it is possible to make this process automatic?
I already talked to IT and asked them to set up some batch file to delete the .ignition folder once a week so that way it keeps the folder fresh. I didn’t know if anyone has dealt with this specific error before or anyone has a solution as far as handling these launching errors.
I’m using 7.9.4 and Gateway java is 1.8.0_45 and most clients are 1.8.0_100+
Thanks in advance!

I too get this error. It is rare; occurs when launching clients or Designer. This last time it occurred I had just used the Java control panel applet to delete the cache, if that means anything. “Retry” always works.

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in your users directory, backup the .ignition directory and then delete. Re-open designer and try again.