IP Camara URl stopped working in 7.5.5

Good morning
In 7.5.4 my Ip camera used an URl of

this worked well.

I’ve upgraded to 7.5.5 and the viewer frame now reports

“Exception: Recived HTTP 401:unauthorized”

The Url works if pasted in to firefox

any ideas?


The username and password that is part of the URL, have you tried placing those in the appropriate fields in the component’s property editor?


I did, I was just wondering if someone else had the same problem, I’ve got two demos to customers next week so I’m keen to get this sorted, ironically I updated to 7.5.5 to use the new camera proxy feature.

I’m out of the office today, tomorrow I will look at the packets sent using Wireshark and try to see if I can see the problem.



I’ve got this working on the local network, it would seem that with 7.5.5 my camera (Storage Options) does not like blank a password. I deleted the username and password in the url string and used them in the Username and password boxes with the Use Authentication box ticked to true, so; so far so good.

If I then modify the URL to add the proxy, if fails to connect.


If I place the above in Firefox it returns a http Status 401 -Unauthorized from a Apache Tomcat/6.0.18 server (Ignition?)

I’ve looked for a description regarding “urlproxy”, I suspect this is in progress?

Any thoughts?

Thinking about the above, if I have some clients on the local network and some remote it may be better to be able to distinguish between those clients, could this be done by a script by looking at the client IP address or subnet?


The url you are using may need to be url encoded, meaning special characters like ‘=’ are changed to ‘%3D’. The following website can help you with the encoding, just copy and paste your url into the box and click encode. Then take the new encoded url and use that for your ip cam and see if that makes a difference.

edit: meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/


I couldn’t see a web site link but I know what you meant, I still can’t get it working, for now I’ve port forwarded the camera to the outside world and connected that way, it will get me going for now, its just a demo,

it would be useful to have a list of cameras that intergrators have found to work with the new Urlproxy.


Here is Dave’s link


There are always questions as to what IP cameras work well and don’t. It would be great if the end users and integrators would post up what they have found to work well.

AXIS cameras work well for us.
For JPEG Stills


For motion JPEGS


I’ll second the Axis cameras working well.