IP camera component

I was wondering if you could tell me if the IP camera component would work in our existing camera system. Here is what I can tell you.

It is server based.

There are two 16 point cards, each point constitutes one camera and each card is hosted by one server.

There are two way to see the data from the cameras:

  1. Connect up to the IP address using internet explorer. That is providing you have the correct plug ins for internet explorer.
  2. Connect up using the DVR Client from CyberView Systems Inc.

So being as each camera does not have its own IP address with the IP camera portion of FPMI work on our cameras?

Thanks and have a great day.

Could you post more info about the model of the camera equipment and IE plugin?

Does each camera have its own URL, if not IP address?

The really important question is if the camera supports MJPEG.

The cameras describe here sound like basic CCTV cameras, but the fact that they are going into a server gives hope. So, the question is does the software running on that server support MJPEG (or stills).

It has been some time since I last visited this post. Mostly because things got really busy on other parts of the project. Anyway I wanted to get back to this and see if it can be made to work. So to answer the questions posed so far:

MJPEG - Yes that is what it is default set to.

Driver - The driver required to access the cameras via Internet Explorer is NANOX.CAB which is said to be an Active X control. Without this you dont see the pictures from the cameras.

I know the IP address and I also know the port. Is there anything else you can recommend that would make this idea work?

Go to the IE page where you’re looking at the cameras MJPEG stream, right-click, and choose “View Source”. Save that to a file, and upload it here on the forum, that will give us more hints.

I hope I did this right. I opened the page, then right clicked and save the information. Attached is the txt file.
nanoweb[1].txt (37.8 KB)

Hmm, that didn’t help at all. What is the brand of this DVR/MJPEG system?

Here is a screen shot of the camera system software screen. The software is by a company Cyber Systems Inc The cameras are Panasonic and ???.

I would contact CyberView Systems tech support and ask them for the URL format for the MJPEG streams of the cameras.

Is there a web page that allows you to view the cameras as opposed to that application?

Nathan, Yes there is a way to view the cameras via Internet Explorer. If you can, review the previous post in this column. All I need to do to see the cameras in Internet Explorer is type in the following in the search line when I do that if the active x file has not been loaded it will prompt me to download the file and then it will display the cameras. Not in the same fashion as the application but it will let you scroll thru and see them all. Since I am writing this I can not go back in the postings and see the name of the file. I know that it is a .CAB file and it starts with the letter N Maybe I need to download that file and put it in the IA software being as it is an active x file. I dont know. This is also why Carl asked that I open that right click and copy him the details. Which i did but he said that did not help. Would you like to see a copy of this as well? Just email or call me. Have a great day.

Now that I have been able to review the forum the active x is called nanox.cab that is the file that the system wants to download if it is not installed. I also noticed that I uploaded to this forum that details of the link. And I have also followed Carls idea and asked CyberView the question. SO far they have not responded.

You don’t need the cab file in FactoryPMI. All you need is the URL to the MJPEG stream for the cameras. Try calling the CyberView people.

Hi there

All that you have to do is open the browser page to the camera server’s ip
allow popups and install the activex control.
make sure ports tcp and udp 80,550,4550,2000 are open on both sides of the connection.
I got it to work tunneling through a linux VPN server

I have been having thesame problem with a client pc running windows vista.
I am not sure if it is vista or IE7, but something is not compatible with nanox.cab.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
Is there anywhere that i can download a newer version at all ?

thanx in advance

atomixx: The thread here is asking how to use FactoryPMI’s built-in IP Camera viewing component to view the cyberview cameras, not how to view them in a browser.

i joined just to answer your question because i was searching the net trying to find the solution myself and figured it out… not really a big deal. the software your using is old and the newer browser/os put a higher lock on active x stuff that is unsigned installing…

if you are using IE, TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY/CUSTOM LEVEL/ and check off download unsigned active x controls…

everytime your software is loading remotely its hanging because your browser is blocking that unsigned active x control “nanox”

bize: we appreciate the help, but unfortunetaly in this case we aren’t using the ActiveX at all - we were trying to directly stream the MJPEG information to a 3rd party ip cam viewer (FactoryPMI).