IP Camera recommendation

Does anyone have an IP camera make/model that they can recommend to easily integrate with the Ignition IP Camera component? This is a very simple application and Ignition will be the only connection to the camera. No DVR or external monitoring software will be used.

Ignition IP camera component support only MJPEG (FFMPEG) stream or JPEG pictures (but no RTSP), so every camera with MJPEG/FFMPEG stream will do.
I used Foscam and Dahua in the past.
HERE you can find URLs for almost every IP camera…

It is getting difficult to find new cameras that support streaming outside of RTSP. I selected cameras that said they supported JPEG, and MJPEG streams matching Ignition’s listed requirements, but the camera’s software supported the streams as RTSP only, and even at that getting the streaming address was a challenge. We wanted a readily available newer camera for the same architecture you are describing. No DVR, just IP cameras utilized through Ignition Vision clients using the Ignition IP Camera Control. We selected SPECO Technologies 04FD5M: 4MP H.265 dome camera 2.8 to 12mm motorized zoom lens (not PTZ) about $500 list, but you should be able to get a better deal depending on your discount schedule. Readily available at PLATT electric. SPECO released firmware upgrades specifically to support the JPEG and MJPEG streaming . You will use SPECO’s included camera utility to assign static IP addresses, change user name passwords, and camera resolution/compression settings. Also need to verify that the firmware is 1.6.2 or greater.

Then in Ignition’s IP camera control use the URL: with your cameras’s IP address. Use Authentication is true with the username and password specified. Video Mode: Jpeg Stills.

And here is the better approach, much better video resolution as long as network bandwidth is adequate: Video Mode: MJPEG Stream, with the URL:

All this said, we really need RTSP support for camera streaming in Ignition!!!

The Axis M3046-V worked for me and it’s a model used as an example in the Ignition user manual.

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So, now this thread is completed I want that someone suggest the best genuine IP camera software from this thread.

Hi Tim,

How did you set the source within the Perspective video player?
I have the same camera, setup a streaming user with stream type MJPG.
I think it should be: but that does not resolve. Do I need to reference the stream profile I created within Axis?
Both Ignition and the camera are on the same subnet.


Hello Tim ,
Have you tested live streaming with ignition perspective (Video player component) by same camera module(Axis M3046-V).
Is this working correctly?
There are some response in forum that shows live streaming not working with RTSP for video player component and you have mentioned camera module(Axis M3046-V) support RTSP. I'm confuse with those comments. Please let me know if have test & working successfully.
Thanks in advance.

Dhiraj Pawar