IP camera replaying history

I called about this issue probably close to a month ago and I got side tracked on other issues so I never did resolve the problem. We have an IP camera that when opened one one computer, only when signed in as an operator profile, plays a historical video of some time in July. I can log in to the computer and see real time. Is there a way to clear the cache or something that would affect only one user?

Thank you

The IP camera component is a fairly simple beast, and does no caching at all. It just reads whatever MJPEG stream it is pointed at. Is it possible that the url is changing at all? Maybe a binding or a script?

This issue was put on the back burner for a while, but has now came up again. any thoughts were I should begin? Deleting files?
Thank you.

Like Mike said, the IP camera is extremely simplistic and does no caching of its own. It merely reads data from whatever stream the URL property is set to. I would start looking there. Things to explore: What is the URL the camera is pointing at?; Is it pointing to an actual web stream or is it pointing to a file on a server somewhere?; Is there any logic that changes the URL depending on what user is logged in?

Figuring out the answers to those questions should help you get started on tracking down what’s going on.