IP Camera Rotation

I am running into a problem where my IP camera feed is upside down. I am using the IP Camera Viewer, and using JPEG Stills as the Video Mode. I would like to rotate the IP Camera viewer somehow.

They are Avigilon cameras. I have looked at the webpage for the cameras, there is no where to rotate the feed. The feed is rotated in Avigilon’s DVR software, but I don’t believe that helps me.

I am wondering if there is another way to get the view rotated within Ignition at all? I am using 7.9.

The attached project uses a Paintable Canvas in combination with the IP Camera Viewer component to draw a 180 degree rotated version of the camera’s feed, at approx 30 fps. Be warned that this could cause performance issues on older hardware or if you scaled it up to many cameras.

Rotate Camera.proj (15.9 KB)

I realize this is a old post but maybe will still help someone else.

Most camera’s allow you to set the output to be 180 offset or even mirror.