IP Camera Scaling Issue

I am currently running Ignition with a few IP Cameras.

Originally i had the MJPG feed from the camera coming in at 720p and had the IP camera viewer component scaling it down.

This leads to 3 to 5 second delay no matter which scaling mode i select.

I then switched the camera to 480p and scaled it up a bit in the IP camera viewer component. This results in almost no delay.

Is there any way to speed up the scaling process of the higher resolution image or am i stuck with using a lower resolution. I cannot resize the IP camera viewer component because we are trying to show 4 cameras per screen.

There are some reasons that slow down the scaling process of IP camera. Since IP camera need to compress the video before broadcasting. Every IP cameras encounter video latency, which is a common problem in IP video surveillance system. To minimize the video latency time, you can increase the bandwidth through upgrading your network infrastructure, also you can lower the bit-rate of streaming. You have to Update the Latest Firmware after updating restart the security camera.
Hope this can help you. If still the problem remains than consult with CCTV Installation Company nearby you or can contact with technical support team.

Image scaling is computationally expensive. Most video display operations on PCs pass that work to the display adapter’s GPU through native methods. It seems the IP camera component can’t access those methods, meaning it will never be fast. Java provides a great multi-platform environment, but it is hard to accommodate native interfaces.
Consider running a streaming video server technology alongside Ignition that can natively scale to your desired resolution outside of Ignition. The streaming server would subscribe to the raw feed, possibly in an efficient rtsp format, then supply it to local consumers in the desired scaled MJPEG format.