IP Camera URL

HELP! I cannot figure out what the URL is for a Messoa NDR890 IP camera. Attached is the source code from the cameras IE webpage. I have no idea how to decipher the URL from the html source code. Anyone familiar with this?
Messoa_NDR890_IP_Camera.txt (20.4 KB)

Check out this webpage:


Thanks Travis. I had found that site too. I have tried a few different combinations from the list. The NDR890 URL that they listed is rtsp and it did not work with the IP camera viewer. Can you make heads or tails out of the source code?

have you tried


I looked at the source code for the webpage and didnt see a URL. Is this from a webpage that has video actively streaming on it? If not, thats the page that may have the URL on it.

The source code with the URL should start with something like
then end with a .mjpeg file extension

Also, I dont know if this will work or not, but it might be worth a shot, can you right click on the streaming video and select “Copy Image URL”? I have been able to do this with IP cameras that stream to the internet for testing.

Greg - Just tried that URL. No luck. Also, no options pop up when I right click the streaming video image.

Try this address?:

Thanks for the help guys. Finally heard back from Messoa. Here is the correct URL if anyone ever happens to need it for a Messoa NDR 890 IP camera. IPADDRESS/ipcam/mjpeg.cgi