IP Camera Viewer - BL2002M1EI - TKH Security


We’re trying to use an ip camera (BL2002M1EI - TKH Security) on ignition but we got some problems:
-the component doesn’t always connect to the camera, and show an error 403. After refreshing the address in the component or rebooting the camera, it come back.
-once connected, it disconnects few minutes after with another error “socket exception: connection reset”.
We sometimes even have different result in designer and in the launched application.
We already called the support of the camera to be sure of parameters.

Any idea of what we could go wrong ?

This may or may not help, but I had auth issues trying to set up IP Camera Components to work with several Amcrest cameras… Setting the Component’s authentication properties never seemed to work. I ended up having to use URL encoded auth parameters (which I know is deprecated).

This URL format worked in my case, but yours will probably be different if it’s even supported at all: