IP Camera Viewer Error & Recovery Question

I have an ACTi B47 Camera that I am viewing the MJPEG stream using URL Ignition Version is 7.7.2.

I keep getting error messages after having the project opened for a period of time, it varies but let’s say 30 minutes to an hour plus. The error message I am getting is: “IIOException: Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers”. I have never gotten any error messages with viewing the same camera’s live stream on the camera webpage in internet explorer or similar. The only way I know to recover from the error in Ignition at this time is the close the project and re-open the project. It works fine for a while again, then will eventually go the same error message.

So, does anyone know what this message means and how to prevent it? Also, does anyone know how to recover from it without having to close the project and re-open it? Is there some sort of script I can run on the IP Camera object to re-initialize the stream?

There was an old thread with a similar problem that was un-resolved here:
inductiveautomation.com/for … 54&p=35372

see here: