Ip camera viewer is not working in Hikvision

We are using Hikvision Camera DS-2CD2T20-I and DS-2CD2010F-I. We have used the public IP “http://ip:port/Streaming/channels/1/httppreview” in Ignition 7.5.13 IP camera viewer but it shows “Error exception received:http 403 forbidden”. We used the same IP and port in Google Chrome and it works fine, but in Ignition we are getting error. We have provided correct username and password. We also tried using local IP. It shows an “Error socket exception:Connection Reset”. Please anyone guide me to solve this.

AFAIK, Hikvision cameras don’t have JPEG streams, only FFMPEG…
You can use Ignition IP Camera Viewer only for snapshots with Hikvision… I think…:thinking:

EDIT: mistake… not JPEG streams, I meant MPEG streams. Hikvision doesn’t have MPEG streams and IP Camera viewer supports only MPEG streams and JPG stills (snapshots).