IP Camera viewer probelm - Ignition Clients Unable to see vi

We have recently connected IP Camera with Ignition 7.1.6 version. IP Camera model is AXIS 211 NETWORK CAMERA. I am able to connect with Ignition server and the attachment contains the settings and image also. I have connected with the following url … on=640x480 and it works in the server. But when i am trying to access through same LAN or through the web i am unable to get the image in the client systems. I get the following message in the both case (LAN OR WEB) image " ConnectException: Connection Timed out: connect " . Can you give me any solution for this problem in client systems.

I hope i do not need to change any settings in AXIS 211 camera. Why should not i get video & image in the client ignition systems when i get a clear picture in the ignition server.

Please help me to sort out this issue

The clients must be able to route to the IP of the camera.

From your statement, I assume your clients are also using IPs in the range 169.254.169.x?
If so, Try connecting to the cameras built-in webpage from one of the client computers.

Yeah, I think the problem is that unlike the rest of Ignition, the Vision Clients connect directly to the IP camera, instead of relaying the data through the Gateway. This is usually fine, but if the client’s aren’t on the same network as the camera, it won’t work. We have a feature ticket to add an option to relay the camera data through the Gateway, but until then, you may need to set up a port-forward or something through your router.

Now My IP CAMERA (AXIS M211) is working in Ignition Server and Client. I configured the port as 9000 and forward the port to Firewall. Then i configured as EXTERNAL IP:9000 in Ignition.

Thank you

Yep, thats the ticket. Glad you got it working!

Has this feature been implemented yet?


Yeah I put it in 7.5.5. You can use the URL [tt]http://gatewayip:port/main/system/urlproxy?url=http://the/actual/url[/tt] to relay the stream through the gateway.

Thanks Carl,

Is it in the latest Beta? Couldn’t see it in the change log.

Would love to test this out.



It will not be in the current beta release. 7.5.5 should be on the website as a full release sometime next week.

Cheers guys,

Works perfectly… :thumb_left: