IP Camera Viewer problem

I am trying to use the IP Camera Viewer to display video from a Dahua IPC-HFW4300S camera.

The URL I am using is:

Authentication is enabled and appears to be working.

The viewer window shows “Connected,” but I have been unable to get any video to display.

Suggestions…? :scratch:

I would believe the URL you posted above is for a Axis brand camera.

Some googling it would appear that this is the stream URL for the IPC-HFW4300S:



I had tried those and received the following error:

MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: rtsp

The first bit of information that would be most useful is what the format is. Is it MJPEG or JPEG stills? Those are the only two supported formats.


I have the camera set up to encode MJPEG.

I looked through the source HTML and was unable to find any reference to the appropriate path. The web-app is using a lot of Java, and I suspect that the information could be in some of the “minified” scripting, but digging through that has not revealed anything either.


try using

Take a look at this site


I have been successful in connecting to just about any IP camera a customer has come to me with. It can be a little frustrating, but trying different combinations of URLs can usually net you the connection. Also, kind of a shot in the dark, but has worked in the past, if you view your IP camera in the web browser you can sometimes right click and select “copy image url”, then paste that into the URL property in the designer. I have had that work a few times.

Greg, great Link. I was having the same issues and I think I’m better off now.

My camera now says Connected, but isn’t showing anything. This is an improvement from “not an MJPEG”, but it’s still not what I’m going for.

Any more tips? Also, How do I know what Channel I’m using?