IP Camera Viewer Proxy Issue

Hi Guys,

Ignition V7.9.1

Using the IP Camera Viewer to do Jpeg Stills with the following URL works when the client or designer is on the same subnet as the camera.

However when using a client that is not directly on the same subnet i use the following URL I get “IOExcetion: URL is not a JPEG image” error.


The URL Proxy is enabled in the Ignition Gateway config file as below and has worked previously on a different camera.


Just wonder if there is a reason that the Proxy might not work in this case?

Cheers for any ideas.


Did your previous success including proxying url GET parameters? You might need to urlencode the ? and & delimiters.


URL encoding did the trick


Thanks for the help. :thumb_left:

It’s a bit old topic… but i try to connect my Hikvision camera trhow the ignition proxy gateway but i get “Exceptio: Receiver HTTP 401: Unauthorized” message (I modified the ignition.conf file to enable the proxy). If i connect directly with the url “http://admin:pass@” it work perfect, but only with one client-designer, that’s why i’m trying throw the gateway with the url “” but nothing work. Any suggestion??