IP Camera Viewer - Vivotek IP 8362


I am trying to display the Vivotek IP8362 camera on ignition and am coming up against connection errors. I was just wondering if any one has had any experience with these on ignition before and if they Know of any settings that have to be tweaked within the camera settings or what the actual url i have to use for them.

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

I took a quick look at the cameras user manual and found a couple interesting tidbits. It looks like the camera will only support 4 concurrent connections at a time, so that might be worth looking into.

As for the connect url for the mjpeg stream, it seems that the path is user configurable. On the cameras configuration, if you name your stream something like ‘stream1’, your url will be something like ‘http://CAMERA_IP:8080/stream1.mjpg’

I found the user manual here: