IP Cameras -- Trendnet Model # TV-IP312W

Ok… so has anyone tried using a Trendnet Model # TV-IP312W IP camera? The camera says it supports MJPEG video streams. I have installed the camera… and can view streams using from its server. But when I try connecting in Ignition, I get an IO error stating that the stream is not MJPEG.

I have set the camera up to show MJPEG streams… and I am using the following URL

Note… from what I can tell “profile=1” is MJPEG and “profile=0” is MPEG4

so… anyone ever worked with one of these cameras?

The URL may be different from the one displayed in your web browser. Sometimes, you have to right click to view the HTML source of the page that works in the browser to find the right URL. You also want to double check the username/password.

Yeah I’m guessing the true stream URL is buried in the HTML on the profile=1 page. If you cant find it, right click in your browser and choose “View Source” - copy and paste it into a text file, and post it here: we may be able to find it.

Ok… Source Code attached.
TrendNet IP Camera HTML Source code.txt (20.1 KB)

Here is the url to use:,1,52,8

Ok… it acts like it connects… but I get the following error inside the Viewer box.

IOException: Max buffer size reached.

MJPEG isn’t the most well-defined spec. Each camera seems to implement it differently.

This error message means that Trendnet’s MJPEG implementation uses a different frame delimiter style than our component is used to. Since we can’t distinguish between frames, we just fill up our buffer waiting for the frame delimiter that we aren’t able to detect.

Can you temporarily put this camera on the internet or port-forward a port to it so that we can hook some “probes” up to it and see what its protocol looks like?

Ok… for everyones information… here is the correct URL for the TRENDnet camera.

http://{server name or IP}/cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi

I also now have the CGI specs for this camera if anyone needs them.

Thanks Carl and Travis for your help.

Excellent - glad you got it working

Hello All,

I have Trendnet (Model TV-IP440PI) camera. I would like to show live steam in Ignition Perspective.

I have tried the URL provided by @ttuttle387, however it is not working.

Could you please help me on this.

I got below url using onvif device manager, but that is not working with Video player component.

rtsp://IP Address:554/Streaming/Channels/101?transportmode=unicast&profile=Profile_1
rtsp://IP address:554/Streaming/Channels/102?transportmode=unicast&profile=Profile_2

Is there way to find http/https URL?

Are you sure it has this support? You've played necromancer on an ancient post--MJPEG is not necessarily supported by this brand thirteen years later.

Hello @pturmel, i have not seen the post date. I thought that similar camara module is used by @ttuttle387, so replied to the post.

Camera has live streaming h264. Can we use that?