IP PTZ Cameras and FPMI

I would like to solicit input regarding the following questions on IP PTZ cameras:

What IP PTZ cameras have people been able to integrate successfully with FPMI?

What are the challenges one can expect to encounter?

How does one typically control the pan/tilt/zoom?

How was video recorded?

Thanks to all who respond!

I’ve seen people sucessfully use Panasonic, Linksys, Axis, and Mobotix cameras. Anything with MJPEG should work. PTZ is usually possible by reverse-engineering their web interface and emulating a web browser using fpmi.net.httpPost scripting commands.

Unfortunately there is not currently a good way to support recording/playback in FactoryPMI. FactoryPMI is many things, but DVR isn’t really one of them. There are a number of 3rd party dedicated IP cam dvr software solutions out there