I have developed a scada for laptop and looks ok on 1440x900 and 1366x768
We now have a mobile module and want to look at it on an ipad.
I have tried viewport fit to device and a few ranges of custom but still not scaling correctly(need in landscape only). Also some text/images look fuzzy for want of a better word.
Do I have to develop a seperate application for ipad? would rather not have to as large enough project and then any mods would have be done on 2 applications
Any suggestions?

I ended up developing a separate project for the mobile module. I started out with a 1920 x 1080 resolution thou going from 24" Monitors down to 17" touch screens even down to 15" laptops was ok. That last 5 inches killed me thou… I did not bring the entire project over however. All the administration and reports were not brought over as in my case they were not required.

You can lock the rotation on the IPad just not with ignition. Perhaps they will add this as a feature when they start working on the mobile module again.



Thanks for the reply Chris
Since my post I got the application fitting on ipad screen but now the text on some pages are readable but not great. I need to up the size of the text on every window but then this compromises the orginial development for a laptop.Also on the history page the columns aren’t able to be resized.I was really hoping not to have to re-do the whole project for mobile viewing.
Pan/zoom doesn’t work either like they in Safari