We had developed our application and adjusted our mobile client custom viewport to suit an ipad2.
This took alot time to get it fit screen fully. Fit to device did not seem to work.
Our customer has got a few ipad Airs now. When I launch the project and get the log in the page fits the fully screen but once logged on it only fits about 2/3s of it with the rest of it black.
Any suggestions how to reticfy without doing harm to the ipad2 that displays ok.
From Apple website the
ipad 2 has 1024x 768 resolution at 132 pixels per inch
ipad air has 2048 x 1535 resolution at 264 pixels per inch

If I use the hand button I can pan it out to full screen, but each time the app is started the customer has to do that

Just bumping up see anyone else issues with displaying differently on ipad 2 and ipad air?

What version of Ignition and the Mobile Module are you using?

The auto-fit system was dramatically improved in 7.5.10 / 7.6.3

Ignition 7.6.4
Mobile 1.6.4

so maybe I should note my custom settings and give fit to device another try. not sure what version we set the mobile settings at custom.

ETA: Ipad Air looking fine now. Have to get my hands on a Ipad 2 to see is it still looking ok

Oh, yeah, if you weren’t using auto-fit I’d highly recommend it.

Carl .Thanks.The ignition version update seems to have done the job since I orginally setup ipad2 and now auto working well now on ipad2,ipad air and ipad mini.