IPC CFX communication protocol

Could be possible communicate IPC CFX with IGNITION?

Never heard of it. Links to products and/or protocol descriptions, please?

Look like it came about in 2019.

Looks like JSON messages over AMQP and when they hit a roadblock with their Java SDK they just said “oops, we give up”.

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I gave up when I was reading the IPC CFX website and completed my buzzword bingo card without actually learning how the system was implemented. :rofl:

Actually I finally did see

Working components of IPC-CFX

  • Secure connections with free, proven worldwide, omnidirectional, AMQP v1.0 Transportation Protocol
  • Efficient and human-readable JSON data encoding
  • Specifically-defined message structure and data content ensure plug-and-play operations
  • Retrofit options for many existing machines

Boo, the spec isn’t free either: IPC-2591-Version 1.2: Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

(Though we’ve paid far more for specs than this)


First impressions are negative. As an EtherNet/IP vendor, I might be biased.