IPv6 Compatibility

Is there any documentation relative to the compatibility of Ignition with IPv6 ?

From what perspective? There are a lot of interactions between the network and Ignition. Are you concerned with the GAN, Database Connections, Device Connections, etc...

It isn't. Or rather, every place in the codebase where network addresses are connected or bound is a unique case, and this includes add-on modules. I don't think it has even been audited. You could do some testing. I suspect that the general web API is compatible (Jetty is the underlying tech). I've made a point to have my drivers accept IPv6 literals for those where the underlying protocol doesn't restrict it.

Thank you for your answers. I am concerned with the following:

  • Database Connections
  • OPC Connections
  • Potentials side effects on Redundancy
  • Compatibility with IDP using SAML

Please let us know what you find.