Is a Siemens Open Controller compatible?

We’re using a Siemens ET200 Open Controller which is basically a Windows 7 embedded system with a soft-PLC & I/O grafted in. The PLC runs on the same hardware but on a different subnet than Windows. The PLC runs its own OPC UA server.

After installing Ignition the PLC/HMI comms stopped working. Also, I never could get Ignition to connect with the soft-PLC or the OPC UA server on the PLC. I tried changing ports, changing IPs, adding secondary IPs, turning SSL on/off, regular & edge versions, and [of course] rebooting ad nauseum.

I was able to connect to both the PLC and the OPC UA server from another PC running Ignition (and setup EAM). Uninstalling Ignition fixes the HMI comms problem but then I can’t have Ignition :P.

I’d love to have some direction in troubleshooting the issue(s). Thanks in advance for you help.

You should certainly be able to connect to the onboard OPC UA server.

I assume the Siemens driver works as well and the reason the HMI comms stopped working is that there’s a limit to the number of S7 connections the controller can have active.

What kind of error messages did you get when trying to connect via OPC UA?

Thank you. Removing the direct device connection fixed the HMI comms issue.

Trying to Discover the OPC UA endpoint yields this:

Error: connection timed out: /

Are you sure that’s the right IP address? Is the OPC UA server enabled? You’re sure there is one?

The full URL is:


I can connect to this from Ignition on my laptop…

I have further tried disabling Windows firewall and changing the port number…to no avail.

I can still connect from a remote Gateway but not the Gateway on the same machine…

Hi, just to follow up whether you have it resolved?

How's the performance of ignition running the open controller?