Is Alarms & Conditions implemented in OPCUA Stack?

Hello all,

I would like to know if the Alarms and Conditions functionnality (Part 9) of the OPC-UA Specification is implemented in the Ignition OPC UA server stack ?

No, it’s not supported in either the server or client.

Okay. Any plan to include it some day ?

I am currently looking to give my client some technical solution from migrating old PLCs (that were using OPC AE) to newer ones thay may be able to use the Alarms and Conditions functionnality.


It’s not clear how a server that is using A&C would be integrated into Ignition’s own idea of what alarms are. I think at best you would be able to receive events and feed them into our notification pipelines somehow.

Thanks for your fast replies.

From what I understand, there are no plan to include it in Ignition right now but it may be possible to retreive events and send them to the notification pipeline system.

Do you see this communication as a direct one (not going through tags and alarming tab) ?

I don’t know, that’s part of the integration puzzle.

From a technical standpoint, you subscribe to events against an Object in a UA server, and that Object may send events for any node underneath it. You can’t make an Ignition tag out of an OPC UA Object, because Objects don’t have values.

Another possibility is that each Variable in the server (these you do subscribe to in Ignition) should have a HasNotifier reference, and maybe it’s possible that if you’re subscribed to the value of one of these you also automatically receive the Events from the server… and maybe you handle them in some kind of scripting callback. I don’t know.

There’s really no obvious way to integrate these things to me.