Is anyone using IdP supported Biometrics (fingerprints)? Recommendations?

Fuel pumping station application with multiple pumping stations and hundreds of drivers. The idea is that, once registered, a driver can scan a fingerprint to authenticate against an IdP to authorize a centrally managed fueling process. The idea is for pump stations to run small HMIs with touch screen industrial PCs with USB fingerprint readers. Mounted tablets could be an option.

I think this is a separate problem set from mobile devices using biometric APIs locally.

Any recommendations on IdPs with good biometric support? What about fingerprint reading options?

I'm curious for "best practices" on a proposed (low) security "roll you own" pattern. Assuming that sites and pump stations were reasonably physically secure or attended, thoughts on allowing anonymous access to the Perspective application at local pump stations, then using a custom view to control access (e.g. 4 digit Driver ID + 4 digtit PIN)?