"Is conected" status freeze

HI, I have the an issue about the connection status over modbus TCP, we use this status, “is connected” to verify availabilty of the devices but only works once, if I disable the device and enable, the status changes to no connection, (forced on the device, we disconnect the communication cable), and when we re-connect the device appears conected, but only one cicle. We verify with “ping” command… Not sure if it´s a bug… We reiniciated the Scada, the server, the devices… The version we use is 8.1.4

By “is connected”, are you referring to the ‘Connected’ tag for that Modbus device typically having a tag path of “DeviceName/Diagnostics/Connected”? Are you seeing that ‘is connected’ is false when the device is actually connected? Or is the issue that the Modbus device never reconnects?