Is development possible between OEM and customer sites?

We already have an Ignition server in use. We want an OEM who is building new equipment, to use Ignition as the HMI on these machines.
What do they need to do to develop these clients, since they do not have access to our server from their location ?
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Short of setting up a vpn or ewon etc and giving them local network access for them you could…

backup the portions of your project that they can access and send that to them. Then have them download trial version of ignition to develop against. Or get them in contact with the Systems integrator who set you guys up originally.

That is a pretty easy-to-answer question. If you want their new hardware to be visible in Ignition, then it should contain either of the options below
Option A It should be OPC-UA compliant ( if you have the module ) or just OPC compliant if you intend to use your Ignition as a client. You would need to add the matching server, which is why Kepware and other related businesses work ( they handle standards including OPC-UA, OPC, and more )
Option B It should have a server included matching other modules in your Ignition. That means it needs to provide a Siemens S7-1500-type-server if you have a matching module for Siemens that includes the device.
At minimum, the device should have either a fast Ethernet ( 100bT ) or serial ( USB 2.1 or higher ) interface so that parameters may be passed without the machine waiting too long.
As this is an Integration question, wKing answered it best. Your system integrator knows what you have to receive the data and thus knows what you should ask of the OEM. Cost can be a big consideration when it comes to features and storage.

I would also suggest that you have them look at the following if they have notions of ‘built-in’ Windows clients, which many choose
The output text should be using either ASCII or Unicode, because of the need to pass Tag data to your Ignition HMI. It would also be wise to ensure that ‘escape sequences’ can be easily modified- as in the characters Control-S, Control-Q, etc. may be used by hardware added later in the process.

Finally, you could also ask the Inductive Automation Support Desk for help- if they can not answer the question- then you talked to the wrong person.

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Consider using a Hub and Spoke architecture.

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