Is EAM License a must have when having multiple gateway servers or a nice to have?

Hi, I'm estimating a solution and the most probable architecture we will use is the "scale out architecture" in the attached picture. The only thing I want to know is if it is necessary to get the EAM license to get the three gateways talking/sharing data, or this is just a nice to have tool when you really want to manage multiple gw from a main one? In my architecture one of the gw would have Perspective license, whereas the other two would only have core and historian.

The 'Gateway Network' used for point to point communication between gateways (i.e. sharing tags) is a platform feature; no modules are required.

Remote administration (sending projects between gateways, installing upgrades remotely, etc) is a feature of EAM.

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Thanks Paul.

Related to this, are any integrators using EAM for remote administration during dev/test/deploy then disconnecting the client's gateway instance from EAM/gateway network upon delivery?