Is expression runScript any faster than using a script transform?

I know expressions are the most efficient way of generating a property binding, but I'm assuming that's not true when using runScript to invoke a library script...?

Also, the documentation isn't very clear about what passing a poll rate of 0 means. I assume that's the way to get it to only execute once?

Stay away from runScript() unless it is around single digit execution time (ms). Otherwise, my understanding is you could block other tag executions.

If you need more complicated logic in an expression, check out the Integration Toolkit by pturmel.
It can do iteration, debugging, and more. Automation Professionals' Integration Toolkit Module - 3rd Party Modules - Inductive Automation Forum

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In my testing, a runScript call in an expression is significantly faster than a transform.

I've pretty much stopped using transforms, and minimized scripted bindings. (My Integration Toolkit is essential to achieve that latter goal.)