Is it possible, Allen-Bradley SLC communication via router

Hello, i don´t manage this to work, i want to use another port, then the default 2222 to communicate with a SLC plc, via etherenet, and i have 3 plc on the LAN side, and want to use, for example 10001 port for the 1, and 10002 for the 2 and so on, i try to put the port forwarded port after the IP, so, and then port forward it to 2222 on the lan side. but i dont get it to work, any idea?

  1. Check the ping response from the gateway and from somewhere else.
  2. Check the gateway firewall allows outbound traffic on those ports.
  3. Use something like Advanced Port Scanner to test.

I can route the traffic, if i only using the ip adress and make a prot forwarding for port 2222 towards the PLC.
The issue is when i added the port number after the ip, , and change the forward port to 10001 to be 2222 on lan side.... so i think the driver in ignition don´t get the port number, or i have type the port wrong, or it´s not possible, to use same router, for serveral PLC behind a router...

That's what you said in the first post.
You didn't reply to my points 2 and 3.

Yes, pretty sure this is the case. You might need to make a feature request. (But don't hold your breath waiting--this is ancient, unloved, barely used stuff now-a-days.)

Can you change from port forwarding to a NAT type routing for the different PLCs?