Is it possible that data base of ignition is on cloud?

Hi every one!
I have a client that has the next requirement:

  1. database sql server on cloud… its possible to connect ignition with that database on cloud?
  2. The ignition server install on pc industrial, I wonder if the ignition could be install on the cloud o hosting internet?

Absolutely, those things are all possible.

Some folks install Ignition in a cloud provider and spin up a database on that same provider.

If you’re connecting from an Industrial PC (IPC) to the cloud, you can make a direct database connection (if the firewall rules allow it), but it’s more common and more robust to connect Ignition running on an IPC (often running Ignition Edge) to a cloud Ignition, either via MQTT or over the Gateway Network. In both cases, you can store & forward data if the connection goes down to ensure historical data collection, if that’s what you need.

Hope that helps!

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@allen.lapa we did this for one of our customer.
We installed a SQL Bridge Licence on the customer’s server on which transaction groups are running and there is a direct connection (through VPN) to one of our database server that is hosted on the cloud.

@Kevin.McClusky you mention Edge for that kind of applications, since there is no transaction groups on Edge how could you retrieve data from a remote site and store them in a database the same way a transaction group does ?

Depends on what you need to do.

If you need Tag History in the format the Tag Historian module provides it, you’re set with Edge + a central / cloud Ignition server. Edge IIoT or Edge Sync Services will do the Store & Forward and go to a central Ignition Gateway on the cloud with the Tag Historian module installed centrally. No need to set up any Transaction Groups or additional data transfer.

If instead or additionally you need event / record based data, where Transaction Groups would traditionally be used, I wouldn’t discourage you from still using Transaction Groups with a normal version of Ignition.