Is it possible to access window component from SFC?

Is there any way to access window components and it property from global scope? I am using an SFC and want to change some of the properties of the window component (e.g. a text in the label). I understand that SFC is in the global scope, so function like system.gui.getWindow() don’t work here.
Is there any way we can do it or tag is the only way to change components properties?


Global scope means that the SFC isn’t even in the same computer as the client windows you are trying to manipulate. Yeah, for a developer running the gateway locally it is physically the same computer, but the client/designer still communicate with the gateway service as if it’s elsewhere.
Ignition distributes data via tags, SQL queries, and various forms of messaging. You probably need the latter.

There is a messaging example in the Inductive University videos. But it is awkward to implement.

I’m doing this using a UDT that is tied to the SFC. In my case the SFC will be executed for a given equipment, so each equipment UDT has a folder of SFC related tags. The SFC updates the tags (one of which is SFCactive) and I bind properties of the equipment graphics to those tags.

Thanks guys for our replies.

I think I will use tags.


heybales or shrikant,

just curious if either of you are still around on the forums whether you would be willing to share any details on how you ended up implementing this. Or if you know of any Inductive whitepapers or examples of this type of interface beyond the complicated messaging one they show in the tutorial.

Any tips appreciated…