Is it possible to add new Parameters through embedded views?

Hello to anyone who can help, I’m not sure if this is even possible or if I’m just missing something but here is my issue.
I’m working in perspective I’ve created a new view(View X) with some params inside of it. I’m trying to go onto another view(View Z) with Embedded view of (View X) and pass params to the inside of View X and I want them to save.

For example:
View X:
I’ve set the below parameters to input, output, and input/output but nothing saves

View Z:
Embedded view component:

I’m trying to add the param value 2 ‘Newly added dashboard’
But it does not add to View X and save there it just stays on View Z

Also the value shows but is not selectable on view Z after I’ve added new parameters through a script:
Every time I click on ‘Newly added dashboard’ it sets the value back to ‘TestDashboard’

Sorry if this is confusing but any help would be greatly appreciated,

I’m not entirely certain I follow, however, I believe you would need to use a system.perspective.sendMessage() and a message handler on View X, to add the value to View X.

As far as I know it isn’t possible to modify one view from another, instead you must “ask” the other view to make the change when some event occurs on the initiating view.

You define the “shape” of parameters on ViewX. You can also set “default” values here. When you supply params to this View from ViewZ you are not adding params to ViewX, you are essentially saying “while using ViewZ and an embedded instance of ViewX, I want ViewX to use these values for its parameters”. This is what allows for the flexibility of Views by use of params; multiple views could use the same embedded View (ViewX in your case), but supply different parameter values, and therefore use the View in drastically different ways.

The fact that you can see “Newly added dashboard” tells me you’ve successfully sent the param value through to ViewX, and even linked the Dropdown to the param correctly. As for why the Dropdown is not using “Newly added dashboard”, I would need to have more insight into the binding you have in place for the Dropdown, as well as any potential change scripts.